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This page contains electronic music I have made over the past couple of years. Since January 2013 I have devoted a large amount of effort to learning Ableton and various plugins, so these are the products of those efforts. Stay tuned for periodic blog posts on sound design and other music production topics.


Still tweaking the drum parts and want to do something more with the last two minutes.

Two Grits

This is my first shot at making complextro-style music. It's rather exhausting but the end result can be interesting. Clearly this needs an actual ending rather than an abrupt stop, and I'd like to add some little fills and other variations.

Once Upon A Dream - Lana Del Rey

An EDM track in 3/4?? gasps No but really, it works. By the end of the song, you don't even notice it's in 3/4. I used almost bell-like pops synthesized mostly with Massive in the intro, and the detuned lead in the drop is a beefed up FM8 saw lead.