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First Week at NSS

faciendum non legendum

“Don't read about it, do it.” This phrase affected me the most on the first day of class during John Wark's opening remarks to the cohort. It's deceptively simple yet contains the secret to success.

The last few years of my life, I have been mainly a reader. There is nothing outright wrong with this in and of itself; academia revolves around the accumulation of knowledge and familiarization with topics through reading. But in the world of coding, reading about something means almost nothing if you can't implement it.

The past week alone has more than proved this to me. Retention of something is very difficult if I don't try it to see if it actually works and if I actually understand it. It sometimes feels like I have to force myself to “do it” rather than just read about it, but making a habit of this -- or even a reflex -- would be one of the most valuabe things for me to develop right now.